Avgoustonos Pafos Pottery Workshop, Making Pottery in Cyprus, Pottery Classes Paphos

Welcome to Avgoustinos Pottery Workshop, Making Pottery in Paphos Cyprus

Pottery Art Workshop in Pafos. Artistic and traditional pottery and ceramic work.

“Clay forming was for me a revelation and little did I know that it would form my life. For the past 30 years and hopefully for another 30 more, I will carry on crafting which is for me the ultimate seduction. Self taught, influenced by images, forms, and shapes from handcrafts lying around in the open, in museums and in books, I run my own workshop for 20 years. The workshop is situated on the old Paphos – Limassol road.

Anyone can walk around the workshop and watch the whole process of pot making, either on the wheel, mould or hand built. I will gladly explain any queries you may have. If you get the urge to unleash your creative side, then pot throwing is just the thing for you and could be a day to remember as the feel of the wet clay would bring out your hidden sensuality.

Clay is treated by carving, slip trailing under or over glazing. Many items are made in series and the intention is to keep them in stock. But we also produce one of a kind pots.

Pay a visit to the workshop and I will show you around. Whether you want to come and play with the clay or join us for a coffee you are welcome any time.

Thank you for visiting the page and hope to see you soon in Paphos.