Artists who are members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Cyprus are asked to reflect on 2017 for an upcoming exhibition under the name #recalling 2017 that will be displayed at the Almyra hotel in Paphos later this year.

This exhibition, which calls on artists to express their memories from the past year in installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, video art, photography, collages or even poems and music, provides artists with the opportunity to look back on the past year. Artists will be able to recall their memories of the year gone by, and reflect on their personal events and experiences. The art work submitted can only reflect events of 2017, these could be political, economic, private or public events and it can be a global or local event.

The applications concerning the artwork to be part of the exhibition must be submitted by February 16. For more information contact exhibition curator Katerina Foukara on 99-037153 or call the Almyra hotel on 26-888762.

This is the second year that the hotel is hosting the #recalling art exhibition and it will take place on March 3.

#recalling 2017
Call for artists from the Chamber of Fine Arts of Cyprus to submit applications to participate in the upcoming exhibition at Almyra hotel in Paphos on March 3. Deadline February 16. Tel: 99-037153